Miniature guns for sale

Miniature guns for sale


A golden shooting handgun, 585 fineness of gold. Weight: 2.3 grams. The handle is made of Siberian mammoth bones. Gun caliber: 1 mm.

There are 10 rounds included complete with the gun. Everything is neatly packed in a box fitted with black leather, and transparent glass.

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Tired of looking for a present for your colleague, your boss, your close friend? Need a good business souvenir for a business partner? This task is more difficult the more successful the person you want to please. A prosperous man doesn’t need another “Parker” pen or another ashtray. He has enough cups and desktop accessories. All this stuff is constantly proposed for sale, and it has become too traditional. So if you want to make an impressive gift, you need something exclusive.

What do you give the man who has everything? We know the answer to this question! Moreover, an exclusive gift can be versatile enough to be liked by almost any man, regardless of his age and sphere of interests. Because all men deep in their hearts are hunters and fighters. It means that they love guns. If you present your boss with a beautiful miniature arms firing real bullets, it definitely will not be forgotten in a desk drawer. Especially if you demonstrate his gift in action right there, using any suitable target. This will provide a lot of positive emotions not only for him, but also for all guests at his feast.

Golden miniature guns for sale

The gun, which we offer, combines a unique example of miniature arms and an exclusive piece of jewelry. Any collector who knows enough about this topic can confirm: small-caliber acting guns are very rare and it’s difficult to find such things that are available for sale. As for the “Derringer” pistol – nobody has tried to create its copy in this size before. For experts, these tiny models are worth their weight in gold. By the way, it is literally a golden gun: all its parts, except for two Swiss watch springs, are made of this precious metal (585 fineness). Its handle deserves a separate presentation: it is made of mammoth bone that was found during paleontological digs in Siberia (Russia).

This miniature pistol can be used as a precious souvenir, as a beautiful “toy” with unusual properties, and as an accessory. This piece of jewelry looks great as a pendant, and is suitable for any image. For sure, its owner will be happy to show it to other people during a business meeting or a party. And at such moments, he will remember you.

In conclusion, we do not sell factory products, manufactured in large quantities. We offer the works of private masters, and there are no other companies that have these miniature guns for sale. So, if you are looking for an exclusive gift, you can be sure that no one in your environment will wear such an accessory.


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