Miniature guns

Miniature guns


A golden shooting handgun, 585 fineness of gold. Weight: 2.3 grams. The handle is made of Siberian mammoth bones. Gun caliber: 1 mm.

There are 10 rounds included complete with the gun. Everything is neatly packed in a box fitted with black leather, and transparent glass.

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Every man in the depths of his soul is a fighter. Even if he didn’t serve in the army in his youth, he played with toy soldiers when he was a child. But there was one problem: he didn’t have anything to arm this “army”, although, in reality, there are miniature guns that shoot. These kinds of firearms retain their original features almost completely. The tradition to make and collect such miniature copies has existed for a long time in different countries.

In fact, it appeared almost simultaneously with the first shooting guns. Before they launched production, masters had to make a lot of test copies, which were not always made in full size. As such, armourers taught their apprentices to create these smaller copies in order to improve their craftsmanship. Dating from the fifteenth century, reduced models of muskets and pistols were popular in England, in France and other European countries. Miniature weapons used to be made of wood or metal, carved and richly decorated with gold and precious stones. Their value, however, was determined not only by the cost of materials. There was special gradation: the smaller size the higher the price. Of course, a little model had to retain its functionality. Typically, these miniature works of art were not made for sale: they were customized and then presented as souvenirs to nobles and rich, powerful people.

And today, collecting miniature guns is considered to be a prestigious occupation that, moreover, is very interesting. It is popular not only among government officials and military leaders, but also among enthusiasts who are interested in history. However, not everyone can afford to compile a really big collection of such small caliber guns: the market still has not enough firms that make miniature guns for sale. Mostly they are created by particular masters – which, of course, increases their price. On the other hand, this specialty makes each collection exclusive.

Miniature guns for sale

If you are also interested in this topic – our site offers to fill up your collection with a unique specimen. It is the smallest shooting pistol in the world today. It is almost entirely made of gold, and its weight is less than three grams. In fact, this is both a gun that shoots, and a piece of jewelery. Our miniature model has successfully passed all technical tests (the result you can see in the video). Pamper yourself and your friends with an unusual purchase!


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