Miniature gun

Miniature gun


Miniature Derringer. A golden handgun, 585 fineness of gold. All details of the gun (except two Swiss watch springs) are made of gold (white and red Weight: 2.3 grams. The handle is made of Siberian mammoth ivory. Gun caliber is 1 mm.

There are 10 rounds included complete with the gun: the central ignition rounds are filled with bullets made of hardened steel, that are not deformed in contact with any surface. Each round weighs 0.04 grams, so these 25 rounds weigh only one gram. The shot of this handgun is powerful and pierces through a metal can (for example, a cola can).

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A bit of history. Henry Derringer’s guns were put into circulation in the middle of the 19th century. Their small size was their main advantage: these arms could be easily worn unnoticed in an inside pocket to be used at the critical moment. They became well-known as the most miniature guns of that time. By the way, these pistols were very simple to use: even a woman could fire one successfully. It made Derringer extremely popular among the Wild West settlers. Sad fact: one of these guns was used to kill President Lincoln. The publicity and the presence of security guards hadn’t prevented this crime as nobody had noticed the weapon.

Miniature gun “Derringer”

Fortunately, our Derringer is not so dangerous as its elder brother. However, it also functions perfectly: to evaluate the power of its shot, see the video. As for the main characteristic – miniature size – it is six times smaller than its prototype. We confidently declare that it is the smallest pistol in the world today. Its caliber is only 1 mm, weight – 2.3 grams, despite the fact that it is made of gold (not the lightest metal). The miniature round, which is used to charge it, weighs 0.04 grams. Nevertheless, the shot is very powerful: it easily shoots through a beer can. Comparing it with all existing models of miniature guns available in the world market, you can see that only this one combines exclusivity, excellent functionality and beauty. It can be the pride of any collection. This model was released in a limited quantity, so its value will increase over time.

If you are not a judge of old or exclusive firearms, this miniature gun can become an elegant complement to your image. It doesn’t matter who wears it – nobody else can demonstrate such an original piece of jewelry! It is perfect for a business suit and for an evening dress. And if you want to attract someone’s attention, to impress your friend, to revive the conversation – just show your accessory in action and amusement is guaranteed! This miniature masterpiece can be your trump card: it will help you to become the center of attention, just like its big cousin one and a half centuries ago. But to get this privilege, you won’t need to threaten anyone, because in today’s world, beauty, status and uniqueness mean much more.


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