Miniature handguns: history

Full excursion, from first precedents to our days. The article has numerous illustrations and descriptions for all types of handguns, including wheel, flint, wick and percussion mechanisms.

“SwissMiniGun” and other interesting miniature arms

If you believe that the Swiss copy of the “Colt Python” is the smallest gun in the world – you are mistaken! Learn more about other models of tiny working guns that exist in the market today.

A ring-gun: original design for a dangerous toy

These mini-guns were extremely popular among ladies who wanted to look like a femme fatale. They contained live cartridges. But if you use such a ring, you will get more effect from its flash and smoke, than from the bullet.

“Great Arms in Miniature”: the Antonio Rincón’s book about his guns

Antonio Rincón Granados from South America makes, probably, the most beautiful firearms in the world, with fantastic decoration. He specializes in reproducing historical pistols and rifles with flintlock mechanisms.

Miniature firearms for sale

Today many online and offline stores offer to buy a miniature. But it is not always the best exemplar for the best price. We research the market and help you to make the right choice.

Miniature pistols by David Kucer

David Kucer is one of the most famous and well-deserved masters, who was devoted to art of making miniature firearms during almost all his life (80 years). His guns are especially popular in Canada and the U.S.A.

Miniature pistol “Kolibri”

In 1914, the Austrian Franz Pfannl presented to the world his new invention: the smallest pistol with live ammunition. It was his second creation, but not the last one.

Miniature pistols for sale: price is not primary!

The most people, who have never dealt with real mini pistols before, don’t understand, why their price can be so high. Let’s do a little research on this topic.

2 mm pinfire guns

Historically, in the Western countries, the most popular type of miniature arms are 2-mm pistols, which use pinfire cartridges. Learn more about their sorts and models.

Miniature arms

People that collect such works of arts as firearms, often have different views on this topic, and estimate the value of the same artifact in different ways. But all of them are united with the sense of esthetic and beauty. Look at the pictures in this article!

Looking for the best

You are a beginner collector, and you want to start successfully, investing your funds with maximal effect? This information will help you to save your time and money.

Miniature guns made in Russia

If you like Russian firearms – this article is written for you. Learn more about famous Tula Arms Museum and its exhibits that include all kinds of full-sized arms and amazing miniatures.

Miniature guns that work

What do you know about medieval weapons – such as catapults, trebuchets or espringals? Today it seems a legend for us, as nobody has seen these machines and doesn’t have even imagination about their mechanisms. Want to look at their copies in miniature? You can do it here.

Miniature collectible guns: Browning

These pistols have earned the reputation of the most reliable and convenient combat weapons in the world. In the USA they are most known as Colts, but originally their designer was John Browning.