Miniature firearms for sale

miniature firearms for saleIf you are an enthusiast and a collector with experience, you, of course, don’t have a question “what to buy?” Most likely, you have already outlined your nearest acquisition and now save money to purchase it, or negotiate with the seller. Negotiations in this sphere can last long enough: the purchase of collection miniature arms is akin to the acquisition of works of art. That is why prices and terms of sale often bewilder beginners.

This article is intended for those who are still little familiar with the topic and, perhaps, had never held miniature weapons in their hands before. Buy a low-level craft, overpay an intermediary or give extra money for the “brand,” which almost does not affect the quality – this is probably the last thing you would like to do. We offer you an overview of the main categories of miniature firearms for sale, as well as manufacturers, whose products are currently on the market. Let’s go on the principle of “from simple to complex.”


The most available options are the works of private amateur masters, for whom craftsmanship is a hobby, not the kind of earnings. Nevertheless, they willingly sell their products through the Internet on occasion. Of course, without any quality or safety guarantees. Such firearms often do not have a high level of performance and quite freely interpret the task: to create a copy of the model taken for the prototype. Often there are errors in the proportions, assembly, adjustment. Such craftsmen use cheap materials or those that are easier to handle – and, of course, they wear out faster. Nevertheless, if you try, you can buy a good and well-functioning copy from such a craftsman. But this is a matter of luck. If you are ready for such experiments – you need to search for these gunsmiths on thematic forums and in the communities for handmade fans. As a rule, they do not have their own sites and officially registered firms.

Serial production of miniatures

Miniature firearms for sale good priceThe next class of mini-firearms is serial products. This is the average price category. Such manufacturers vouch for quality and adhere to certain standards. They know, that real miniature should reflect the original as accurately as possible: up to the marking inscriptions and finishing. In its production, the same materials and technical specifications are used. Cartridges for it are also carefully fitted and tested. In short, you are guaranteed to get what you want, for a reasonable price. Your purchase will not only please you with its appearance but also will shoot live ammunition – by the way, carrying such pistol does not require a special license.

Collection miniature firearms

Not everyone can afford such a purchase. These are exclusive products, which are personally made by masters, well-known in their circles. They don’t work for quantity, but for quality, so at times when their work is not still finished, a queue of buyers already waits for it. If you have sufficient means and time – you can even make a gun in an exclusive manner for yourself, the master will take into account all your wishes. In the decoration of such expensive souvenir exemplars gold, silver, precious stones, artistic engraving can be used. Their price, however, is determined not by the cost of materials, but by the skill level of the author. The less scale the complex arms mechanism is reproduced in –the more such work is appreciated by connoisseurs. True works of art in this genre are rare, therefore they are always highly in demand.

Is it worth to buy from resellers?

It should be noted that some offlinestores selling antiques and rare items sometimes offer miniature firearms for sale. But buying arms this way almost certainly means overpaying for the thing which is very questionable in quality. Most often, these stores sell first category things: “no name,” for unreasonably high prices. Of course, you have the opportunity to look at your purchase directly, hold it in your hands and take it home immediately. But this ends the benefits. If you are offered to buy a miniature from the counter – look at it carefully, then ask the name of the manufacturer or the master. Surely you can find him on the Internet – and then decide if the commission is worth the extra time spent on negotiation and delivery.

hunting blunderbuss by Michel Lefaivre
Typically, dealing with intermediaries makes sense only when you are looking for some rare collectible thing, which is nowhere else offered (the producer no longer works, or the model was discontinued). For example, the American online store sells works of the most famous masters from around the world, and also offers ancient products made in past centuries – they have a proven cultural and historical value. This site is widely known among collectors from different countries, who are ready to pay a lot of money for the items of their interest.

Confused by the abundance of options? Then tip number 1: take your time!

As a rule, this is the first trap for those who, having a sufficient amount of money, are going to buy a miniature gun for a gift. You must make purchase in time for the certain date, and delivery takes a couple of days – so the choice should be made as soon as possible. But even if you have to make an urgent decision – this is not an excuse to make an impulse purchase! Poor knowledge of the market, in this case can cost hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. Remember that the best deals not always appear first. You can see the variant, which is well known and widely advertised, but often it is not an optimal option. Look for the right ratio of price and quality, based on your needs.

Much depends on the question “who is the person that should be congratulated?” If this person, for example, is fond of history or literature about wars, he will be glad to get the most accurate copy of the famous weapon he has read about many times. In this case, choose historical models on a scale of 1:2 or 1:3 – because of your friend, probably, wants to feel the pistol in his hand, touch the legend. Therefore, it is important for him that the model is as close to the original as possible. Collector’s extra-high standards will certainly be redundant in this case. Good quality serial product – for example, made by the Russian company “Miniature Arsenal” – is what you need. In its assortment, there are all the most famous kinds of firearms: “Browning”, “Colt”, “Parabellum”, and also James Bond’s favorite pistol, “Beretta”. All of them are presented in several varieties, indicating the year of release of the original. As for the prices, the miniature “Colt 1911” model in standard variant costs $ 15,000. Whether your friend will be so happy to possess a gun for such a price, whether he will appreciate your contribution to raising his prestige – it’s up to you. Your money, your decision.

Thompson submachine gun by Miniature Arsenal
The Italian master A.Uberti estimates the work of his company more modestly. Although, he specializes mainly in pistols and revolvers that were popular in second half of the 19th century, all of the same type. But in his assortment, almost all varieties of those times are represented. The price of these products ranges from $ 600 to $1000.
Canadian miniature maker David Kucer stands in the middle: his products can be bought for $3,500 – $9,000, depending on the complexity of the model. His quality is believed to be pne of the best in industry. The only one problem – he doesn’t offer many models of miniature firearms for sale. Usually his products are bought very quickly, so in his store you will not find many finished pistols to choose from.

If the addressee likes elegant, original things and pays much attention to his image – you should choose another option. Such a person will like a pistol, which is made on a smaller scale, but in an expensive “souvenir” version. Your precious gift can not only be kept on a shelf as a beautiful souvenir, but it also can be worn on a chain as a pendant or key chain. In this category, there are also many proposals, which vary in value impressively.

A golden handgun with diamonds

For example, a gold revolver “SwissMiniGun” (Switzerland), inlaid with diamonds, costs about $40,000 or more. Undoubtedly, the quality is at the high level, but in many ways, the success of this product is the result of good job of marketing specialists and sales managers. The main point here is the brand: some years ago this product was included in the Guinness World Records as the smallest revolver in the world. However, times change, and today the market has a decorative miniature pistol, which you can buy at a much more democratic price

The “Derringer” gun, which is described below, can soundly compete with the “SwissMiniGun” brand in technical and aesthetic terms. Its size is much smaller, but it functions. In this model, the authors use precious and exotic materials: gold and mammoth bone. For inside mechanism also Swiss watch steel is used, but all details, excepting two springs, made of gold. In addition to that, the gun has an unprecedented shot power for its size. Usually, such miniature firearms shoot only blank cartridges, but a bullet fired from this pistol penetrates a metal sheet. It has only 1 mm caliber, but it is made of hardened steel, so it does not deform when it hits any surface. You can see the pistol in action on this video:


This model is interesting in the sense that it combines a work of art in the genre of “miniature” and jewelry. And besides, it is a product released in a limited series, so it emphasizes the status of its owner. It is unlikely that other people in his social circle will wear the same accessory: they are too rare. So you have the unmistakable way to create a wow effect.

In conclusion, we note that this pistol earned high ratings from experts in different countries. Therefore, even if your friend is a firearms collector, this item will be an excellent addition to his home “arsenal.” As for the price, comparing with other miniature firearms for sale and other products of this class, it is more than profitable: at the moment the gun can be bought for $1200. Order and find out more information about this model here.