Miniature firearms

Miniature firearms


Miniature Derringer. A golden handgun with 10 rounds. All details of the gun, except two Swiss watch springs, are made of gold (white and red). Weight: 2.3 grams. The handle is made of Siberian mammoth bones. Gun caliber is 1 mm.

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Since the second half of the 19th century, a pistol called the “Derringer” began winning one of the main places in the market of light firearms.  Buyers preferred it, mainly for its small size. This elegant single- or double-barreled gun could be hidden in the palm of your hand. It became a typical firearm of American gentlemen, and even single ladies who had to get home in the evening through dark alleys. Typically, people wore this miniature pistol in their waistcoat pockets: it could be easily placed there without arousing suspicion. Regular customers of gambling houses and pubs had their own way of wearing a Derringer: in the left sleeve, tied with a leather bracelet. There was even a special tool that helped to jerk out the gun quickly in such cases: it could be invisibly put in the palm, so in a second you were ready to fire.

Moreover, such miniature size in Derringer was combined with large caliber and reliability. If other pistols and revolvers constantly had to be cleaned and checked, this gun didn’t need so much care. It was enough to charge it, put it in your pocket and forget about it for a few months. This feature made the Derringer the traditional “last chance” arms on the Wild West. And now, in spite of many alternatives, these “toys” are still occupying a significant percentage of the US market. Their scope is sufficient for self-defense in emergency situations, and they don’t disturb their owners with weight or size.

Miniature firearms today

With the advance of European civilization, the necessity in carrying guns has significantly declined for the majority of ordinary citizens. But the men’s passion for beautiful firearms remained. So the other direction gained popularity: little collectible models of pistols and rifles. These miniatures are usually made by private workshops in single copies or in small batches. However, few of the manufacturers take Derringer for a sample. Even an original is small enough to be an example of a miniature firearm, so it’s not easy to create a small copy.

Our masters took up this challenge! They reproduced Derringer on a reduced scale 1:6, so it is the smallest shooting gun in the world. For its production, they used precious materials, such as gold and mammoth bone. The well-known reliability and functionality of the gun is fully retained. Despite its tiny barrel (the caliber is only one millimeter), the shot is powerful enough to pierce through a tin plate. High master’s precision and attention to detail have made this gun not only the most miniature firearm in the world, but also an original piece of jewelry. It can be used as a pendant. If you want to pleasure yourself with such an original thing, or you need a unique gift for your loved one – hurry up, there is limited quantity for these goods!


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